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KAWS x Air Jordan 4 "Cool Grey" exposure map, attracted fans fans Tucao, many people say that this shape is difficult to accept, but after careful observation, in fact, such a unique design. Unified tone brings strong integrity, and in the material, materials, leaves are particularly exquisite, the lining of the cortex looks very fine and exquisite. will be on sale in March this year, priced at $350. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! , while most people are basking on the beach, the players are busy preparing for the new season. Nike released the latest "Thunderstorm" suit football shoes for the new season. "Thunderstorm" suit football shoes using the most dazzling color, C Ronaldo, Neymar, Goetze, borthen will be put on the pink assassin, fluorescent green poison front, sky blue and Green Apple's legendary ghost card campaign season. 12 next page 0 scan the mobile phone to browse Nike thunderstorm series football shoes Disclaimer: this column aims to introduce more shoes information, reprinted articles only for the author's personal opinion, does not mean that the website agrees with its views! Related recommendationJackson also have their own boots Chinese shoes Network August 19 hearing as to win the highest number of most coaches in NBA history, Jackson's turn to enjoy a privilege, and that is to have its own exclusive shoes. Looking NBA history, with exclusive shoes are mostly in the field working hard NBA superstar, but Jackson has become the first coach to have their own exclusive sneakers. Recently, Adidas Jack intends to create 15 pairs of exclusive shoes, 15 pairs of shoes which is named "Phil? Jackson Gun" series, will have two color, purple (the Lakers), and black and red ( Bulls). Shoes will be engraved on the "X" sign, on behalf of Jackson's coaching career got 10 championships. This shoe looks very nice on paper, of course, yet do not see these shoes will be a senior shoes, or shoes, or no synthetic chemicals. discount attractive electricity supplier big promotion, often let online shopping gens heartbeat, and if can buy at the preferential price and entity store the jordans for sale same paragraph of goods, it is more exciting. However, many people found that the start of the brand, hand it is "network for money", the price is low, compared to the quality and physical stores have shrunk. it is understood that the difference between online and offline supply phenomenon is very common, in order to avoid fighting two sales channels, many manufacturers will produce electricity supplier specifically for the channel for "special"". [cases]; it is a cheap network quality has shrunk "no wonder so cheap, don't look really do not know to buy a network for money." A few days ago, the public Miss Yang online shopping a pair of brand boots, the store price of 759 yuan, the brand shop fold after the price of 529 yuan. When she received the goods, she found that the shoes were less leather than the store and thinner. : Miss Yang doubt that they bought a physical store out of the sub products, but the brand customer service explained that the shop for sale for the network for money, not in the store sales, purchase channels are not the same. Ms. Liu, a citizen of online shopping machines, also said she was "made up for money" by the internet". The cooking machine store price of 299 yuan, shop price of 199 yuan. After arrival, she found that the machine she bought for plastic materials, and the entity store is stainless steel, the meat of the knife is not as solid as the entity shop. She can not help feeling: "two dishes machine, it is difficult to see the difference in parameters, but also does not affect the use, but the quality is very different.". Originally thought to pick up cheap, and finally found on when." [ ]; investigation; hot category for hard copy code homogeneous with price is one of the important reasons for the electricity supplier popular, and even spawned a copy code family". However, electrical appliances, clothing, etc. Home Furnishing many popular category, there are two kinds of physical stores and Internet sales channels, in the store, and then copy the code to online shopping, has been more and more difficult, it is difficult to find online and offline items with homogeneous. take clothing as an example. The reporter input models are store in Taobao, only to find purchasing. Metersbonwe searc Cheap jordans online h, Adidas, Nike, new balance of brands such as Tmall flagship store, and the store also can rarely find the coincidence of the new season. there are shopping people found that online found similar to or similar to the physical store, the quality will certainly be different, not familiar with commodity specifications, it is difficult to find "shrink."". Such as wool coat, shop wool component may be less than the entity shop, light.Time: 2008-08-04 10:22 source: China shoes 365 information center information center 365 Author: Chinese shoes Click: basic unit name: recruitment Weihai Yiming commerce company: the United States position Chinese shoe investment agency Description: the United States is looking for Chinese shoes Wenzhou area investment agency, familiar with the local export shoes enterprises, well paid, broad prospects. Send your resume to or QQ445289051 basic dataNew Balance x Ronnie Fieg M1300 exposure 2013-12-08 22:33:01 recently in the trend circle of famous designer Ronnie Fieg in the limelight and new design works! After the New Balance 2013 M1600 exposure, which was created jointly with New Balance earlier this year, he recently teamed up with New Balance to expose a new New Balance work on istagram, called Salmon Soles". The joint single product with 1300 of the popular style, the use of suede shoe body material, a large area of the blue water navy blue vamp collocation N logo design style is very fresh, Ronnie Fieg. The big bottom of the white orange is also quite different. 1300 hot popularity with the recent trend of circle recognized "Ronnie Fieg produced will be fine" of this law, the shoes will once again sell. It is now only a spy can appreciate, interested friends please pay close attention to the latest tracking reports we reported SIZE shoes. 〈br michael="" ·="" jordan="" at="" trophy="" room;="" the="" opening="" scene="" of="" 2016-05-23="" 11:22:26 Marcus · Jordan Trophy Room store officially opened for business, the day not only has many friends to see limited shoes, Jordan himself is at the scene to help out for his good son. To go to the scene of the friend is really happy ah, not only can buy a Air Jordan XX3, can see Joe closer look, perhaps everyone for Prince ye are not of much int Cheap air jordans for sale erest, but still need to take care of his father's face. The quality problems of sports casual shoes have always been sought after by the influx of women, because of its comfortable material and fashionable styling, has become the pursuit of the trend of the Holy goods. Although many classic shoes have reached the level of rotten streets, there are still a lot of people flocking to it, it can always collide with other clothes, fashion spark. white shoes wants me to say that this is definitely one of the best times for sneakers. Of course, you can also say that this is the worst of times, because there are too many shoes, hand chops, and the wallet is empty... season Tim shoes white shoes good, do not need to argue again and again, because this is already recognized fact. So we don't talk about white shoes today, and talk about the spring and summer this year - if we don't wear white shoes, what else do we have to choose?. all kinds of tide shoes in the vast sea of shoes, everyone can find exclusive for their own style. So this season as a few fashion week we see are white shoes, and become in many trendsetter it is hard to see the same two pairs of shoes. However, A sister still see the piercing eye, the leader down down down classical Department #VANS old skool price: $465 (classic black and white color) VANS has never been quiet, but it is nothing compared to this year's heat. Maybe it was just a standard for skateboards before, and this year we can say it's something for the trendy customer. VANS old skool VANS street, shoot , VANS skool which is the most classic black and white color matching old, has become one of the regulars in street shooting at one stroke. VANS classic and it doesn't have any style restrictions. It doesn't matter if you want the most pure Street wind, or the simplest everyday clothes. Street breeze with daily collocation also, it has no age limit, no special cool pattern or exaggerated profile, popular color. So, like Alessandro, Squarzi, the tide uncle also likes to wear on weekdays. Alessandro Squarzi casual tide ride #CONVERSE all star price: $〉In December 23rd Air Jordan 11 Retro Pinnacle Taiwan will be sold to a specific store, the price of 12900 yuan for you, we currently have announ Cheap foamposites for sale ced prospecting shoe finishing selling dealer link in the Facebook way, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. Wuchang 23 Quai 54 French Basketball League series two days activities boiling the streets of Paris, there are various players with the field battle skills outside the official sponsor of the Jordan Brand ready theme is the focus of natural, this time we have reported the Jordan Formula 23, Air Jordan XXXI Low and Air Jordan 1 "Quai 54" commemorative edition. However, whenever there are special activities of some very small building, no foreign sales of limited edition always let people pay special attention to. Yes, this pair of Air Jordan 1 is only made for specific people Friends and Family version, and let it handle Harmonia Quai 54 this year has become one of the most eye-catching, in addition to the shoes work a head, a rare two piece of leather sewn together, thus creating a few of the most central the row of holes form, is that the editors feel the most impressive place. (to avoid wearing foreign body sensation, the inner edge is not know how to handle? Grab head) source: themagdi about the LeBron 9 "What The LeBron" news, but is the lack of available related news, today the latest exposure of the picture has two key, first is rumoured to be abroad before the end of the year, but is unknown sources of information, so still can not hold too much hope, also is this the picture is so far the most clear, you can see the prospecting shoe protection of carbon fiber sheet with stable gorgeous clear, there are many beautiful gradation details, regardless of whether it is a pair of nice shoes, to be sure of the details is very hard, people can not help but see eyes. source: CroatianStyle @ twitterI've been involved in big events like Ultra, Music, Festival, Miami, EDC and It, s, a, ship, yachts, and lying down. I think these foreign activities are very different in the music culture and other aspects, because each season has a different theme, like the American Coachella Music Festival, everyone's clothing will tend to have a lot of people folk style and wreath elements. I love music each season, because they have different themes and stories of the spindle, in Taiwan also began to slowly this atmosphere, like the recent music festival or is a popular picnic, more and more people to participate, clothing gradually update, may start more formal dress to later to light and fashion dress, I think the activity is For Fun, a not too limited, but mainly to the main light, can easy to enjoy, to have fun activities.Remember when Pippen beat nike air advertising, computer animation into the AIR MAX inside, like through the tunnel, finally see like AIR MAX lung, with athletes breathe together, today to see the new NIKE LEBRON ten generation air cushion, wish NIKE using the same technique to make a kind of advertising we take a deep, that such a forest like air within ~ 2013 PUMA, represents the innovation and development of the year, so in Tokyo will float snow in February "The Nature of Performance" began to strengthen professional sports function "regression" horn, The Performance is a Nature of all PUMA functional category together the spindle, let all the goods in this category can have the same appearance, specifications and characteristics. The nature of species and for athletes eager to show best performance as the basis, came to the scene of the PUMA marketing director Nancy Rowe said jogging shoes "The Nature of Performance PUMA" will be the next most important communication concept, bring sports products more functional and more fun for everyone. The PUMA BRAND CENTER in Tokyo Sichuan to the world media published 2013 innovative products opening by the general manager of PUMA Asia Pacific Ludovic Manzon welcome and introduced the The Performance concept Natural of (itself or the French athletics, ten sports, four hundred meters jump far, and that it Taiwei champion!) Followed by the PUMA global jogging series, PLM director Kohei Hagio, to introduce the revolutionary concept of Mobium today, this event is to introduce "The Nature of Performance PUMA Adaptive Running" in the concept of the first generation of shoes? PUMA Mobium Elite, an approach on the protagonists in the decoration of the scene to see, in fact, earlier in the streets of Tokyo have seen someone wearing, in the Omotesando store has already on the PUMA began selling this item, PUMA also said Taiwan public relations soon began to debut in March (PUMA buy stores and counters contact Tel: 02-8751-5160). this is today's "PUMA Mobium Elite" the protagonist PUMA will be the first to early color blue and green color to several different color, there will be more follow-up debut as the first generation of Adaptive Running (dynamic adaptive run) technology of shoes can be said to be independent of current design concept for the existing running shoes Mobium outsole, let everyone know this unique Windlass Chassis (reduced lift bottom), the deformation of the arch design can be seen! Mobium Elite shoes are made with the exclusive technology of PUMA. The three most important technologies are the Mobium Band (X elastic rope) and the Windlass meterAir More Uptempo has not released this year, breath three color, one of the most eye-catching is the HOH (House of Hoops, Foot Locker and Nike cooperation basketball stores) selling "Dusk to Du Dawn" color, literally from dawn to dusk, the upper layer is also gradually does the time change of the sky were very good, and the whole pair of shoes the most eye-catching "AIR" with gold to the performance, the visual effect is very strong, unique sense of not losing to any of the overall presentation of a pair of More Uptempo. source: osneaker on the Internet recently exposure this latest Barkley signature shoe Nike Barkley? Posite Max can be said to be the most recent surprise in a shoe,? Nike Barkley Posite Max has increased in the upper Foamposite? The upper air hole also have done little to change the tongue and heel are Barkley's personal Logo?, this new work? Nike Sportswear will be launched next year the price is 235 dollars. source: solewings?today's NBA a total of 3 games. The Pacers 99-95 double overtime victory over the wizards, the Pacers still listed in eighth, and the heat will be ahead of the playoffs. The Clippers away 112-101 victory over the Suns, this season to complete the sweep of the opponent. At the same time with a seven game winning streak (regular season record for 56 wins and 26 losses) temporarily rose to second in the Western Conference. The Celtics won 5 straight victory over Toronto 95-93 home court, at the same time to lock the eastern seventh, the first round of the playoffs against cleveland! Look down at today's NBA players on the foot of the shoe section of the foot. Isaiah · Thomas -- Jordan Air 10 "Liberty " Lady· - Nike Kyrie Terrence Ross; 1Lewis · Williams Zoom Soldier 8NikeAmir · Johnson -- Super.Fly 3JordanBlake · Griffin -- Super.Fly3 PE Jordan, PJ· Tucker -- Kobe X EliteNikemarkieff · Maurice Nike Air Foamposite ProChris · Paul -- CP3.VIII AEJordanPaul · George Kobe X PENike· Nike Zoom - Roy Hibbert; Soldier 8, Ma Xin · Nike HyperDunk 2013- GortatHill - George - Team Attitude PEPEAKJohn · Adidas J WALL 1; Wal - PE search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: NBArecently, the network exposed a wheat dressed Air Jordan 11, which is released with the previous PSNY x Air Jordan 12 is quite similar. So, this may be another joint PSNY and Jordan Brand, has not yet been informed whether the sale, we will wait for further confirmation. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! with Boost technology and Kanye West star, Adidas in recent years continued to pick up, last year, the adidas results are Triumphant news keeps pouring in! And this good situation continues to continue in 2017, according to data, Adidas in the past 2017 first quarter, Adidas's global overall sales growth of 20%, up to $6 billion! and interesting, Adidas sales in China's region has increased by more than 30%, it can be seen that Adidas in the past two years in the domestic areas of high popularity. In shoes, this data also pointed out that the first quarter of 2017, Adidas is the best-selling shoes including , NMD, Tubular; Superstar, Shadow AlphaBOUNCE and Stan Smith of the five shoes, you don't know the contribution for this data? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!