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56% Chinese footwear products supplier is expected next year sales will increase 10%~20%, however, faced with the increasingly fierce price competition, they are trying to improve production efficiency and reduce cost. a survey from the global resources "China sourcing report -- footwear products", the respondents China footwear suppliers are expected in the next 12 months sales growth rate: 17% is expected to increase by more than 20%; 56% is expected to increase between 10%~20%; 13% is expected to increase by less than 10%; the remaining 14% is that they the sales will be flat or negative growth. professionals Ye Jing said: "because the international market appeared to pick up signs, so suppliers surveyed are optimistic about future sales, but the export price trend of products is reserved." it is reported that, in the surveyed suppliers, 64% enterprises said that price competition is one of the major challenges currently facing them, because buyers are still highly sensitive to the price of the product, in order to get orders, suppliers have to reduce costs in order to maintain the low price. "in the past 3 months, 66% of the respondents suppliers have lowered the price or to maintain price stability, but they have realized that the day after they must work to improve the production efficiency and provide more value-added products and services, to improve the level of profit." Y jordan shoes online sale e Jing said. it is reported that the respondents mainly include suppliers to improve the planned capacity: 50% said it is committed to improving the production efficiency; 17% would focus on reducing production costs; 17% will shorten the design and development cycle; 13% will develop new product line; 3% will reduce the chance of defects. Ye Jing said: "another strategy of suppliers is through research and development make the design transfer to the high-end market. So far, many Chinese footwear products by OEM orders still survive, but many companies have begun to gradually improve their research ability, independent research and development to create more products for the domestic and foreign market." "China footwear suppliers are being transferred to the value chain, and increase investment in research and development; in China procurement buyers will purchase to higher quality products, a unique design, and these products will be able to compete with world leading brands." Ye Jing concludes. (Editor: admin)With the NBA 2015-16 season is approaching, Li-Ning star Dwayne Wade Way Of Wade signature boots will bring the fourth generation's signing. This shoe type continuation of the previous generation of plump shape, but the body of the shoe design and comprehensive improvement of mesh upgrade should give this a more perfect wearing experience, officially released more details let us look fo cheap air jordans rward to October 23rd. wade-4-1 (1).Jpg (104.92 KB, download number: 12) download Li-Ning Way Of Wade Lining Wade 4 4 2015-10-14 09:36 upload wade-4-3.jpg (114.66 KB, download number: 14) download Li-Ning Way Of Wade Lining Wade 4 4 2015-10-14 09:36 upload wade-4-2.jpg (100.55 KB, download number: 14) download Li-Ning Way Of Wade Lining Wade 4 4 2015-10-14 09:36 upload wade-4-4.jpg (99.57 KB, download number: 12) download Li-Ning Way Of Wade Lining Wade 4 4 2015-10-14 09:36 upload Wade 00went to spy photos everywhere once a year period, someone recently exposed a pair of brand new white color of the Nike Zoom KD 10 shoes on the network, with the exposure of the KD 10 and the shoes of the shoe, the shoe subversive with yellow blue color collocation, a sense of the warriors. It is reported that the shoes will be officially released on June 5th, priced at $150. trend brand Feature is going to join forces with Saucony to create a , Saucony Courageous, Belgian, Waffle, and shoes made of brown and yellow fur, inspired by the sweet waffle. This shoe will take the lead in Losangeles's Agenda Show on the Feature "Waffle House" exhibition, and will be on sale in Feature shop in February 26th.Nike specially designed for the summer to build the air max 90 ultra breeze also recently ushered in the "summit White/Gum" white color of the release. Classic air max 90 contour using lightweight full mesh mater jordans on sale online ial, and together with laces, swoosh and air cushion midsole to clean white throughout, and outside before and after the end of the end is integrated into the rubber elements as decoration. Price of about $$180, the shoes have been purchased by Titolo. App store search "get my sports life" download installation of get app, here are share Daren, the goddess of the sun, hot shoe money grab single worry; God help you to identify genuine and fake shoes. For enquiry micro channel "dunkhome", "get", microblogging "when clients", let more people get your life! source: Hypebeastthis year is a well-known sports brand Reebok brand shoes Reebok Instapump Fury was founded in twentieth years, the major fashion units and Reebok launched a joint project, leaving this beautiful wonderful memories. A Reebok is a big surprise to me, once invited on the street leading to the Japanese brand A BATHING APE and Mita sneakers of Japan shoe shop a three party joint cooperation projects, the launch of the A Bathing Ape x Mita sneakers x Reebok Instapump Fury OG do note the color design of shoes. A Bathing Ape camouflage signature through the shoe body, and toe with the use of the most original "rabbit teeth" design, the classic in the end. The shoes will go on sale at their official store in August 9th, and friends who are interested may wish to pay more attention. is well known, converse besides Chuck Taylor, there is another trump card cheap jordans for sale style -- Jack Purcell, the classic degree is beyond doubt. and now want to recommend the Jack Purcell is the new style of the autumn and winter of this year, especially in the shoe body to help build models, a cumbersome design differs from some shoes, this Jack Purcell design is very simple, with only a single color design, with a large area of suede is undoubtedly the texture of play to the extreme, simple design but also can make shoes suitable for many occasions and dress collocation. brand name: Jack: Converse & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] PUMA (PUMA) rumored to be sold this basic take real. According to informed sources, is about to enter the fifth year of the acquisition of the occasion, Puma's owner, French luxury goods group Kering (open cloud) is currently poor profitability for this brand to find new buyers. Bloomberg16?????????? in foreign media earlier this year, this has issues Kering Gucci and other luxury brands have to sell Puma with a number of potential acquirers were unofficial contact, including the Middle East such as Qatar sovereign fund and Some Asian investors, but the text did not mention before, some analysts believe the potential buyers, the global garment Boss VF Corporation, and Kering has yet to reach any definitive acquisition agreement with any company or organization, it is not clear this luxury cheap air jordans whether the group should continue to sell Puma. For these reports, representatives of the three parties Kering Puma and Qatar have declined to comment. ?? 2007, Kering holding Puma, the current stake to 86%, based on Puma's recent stock price, the company's market capitalization of about 2.5 billion euros (about 3.1 billion US dollars), 16 shares fell 0.4 percent to 163.45 Euro . In April this year, in the Puma to find a buyer at the same time, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Kering Group Francois-Henri Pinault has said that he was convinced that the group needs a sports and lifestyle sector, but did not play well in the Puma before expansion will no longer turnaround. For the above statement, the British fort Belem Bassel Chougha Bank analyst commented, "somewhat surprising", Kering is considering their interest in the sports brand, "Obviously this means that if they sold the Puma, market will make a very positive response to them. "Due to intense competition, the gross margin is significantly lower than the luxury sportswear, sports and luxury goods will belong to the same company's drag on the overall valuation Kering. Meanwhile, as a sports brand, Puma compared with adidas, nike such competitors, whether marketing or sales volume did not even put on an order of magnitude. Earlier this year, Puma brand in order to return to the positioning of sports apparel, announced a new brand ma jordans for sale nifesto "Forever Faster" in August, and in Jamaica "night" Bolt, football star Balotelli is spokesperson - These initiatives make puma sales after seven consecutive quarters of decline, the first increase. However, according to analysts' forecasts, due to the English Premier League soccer team Arsenal's huge sponsorship fee, also dragged down the profitability, Puma 2014 full-year profit will be less than half a decade ago. Since the 2007 acquisition, the past few years Kering been trying to reverse the decline Puma, sneakers innovative product lines, strengthen marketing, repositioned functional equipment, but has failed to receive a significant effect. According to the previous forecast, Puma profit in 2015 remains low, about 5.5%. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Annie shoes official website)As the black has become a street leading, well-known sports brand NIKE Sportswear Nike Air Foamposite One has to add a new member 2014 new color "Triple Black." The Fan design with three levels of black render its charm, black matte leather, with black nylon mesh material finally mounted its bottom showing black carbon, black interpretation of the head. This time the shoe will be on sale at the end of their designated store, which sells for $ 250, interested friends do not miss yo. Delft Science University (TU Delft) student design team created a 3D print bicycle, but different, because they were the first used a 3D printing technique based on arc created a stainless steel bicycle. The bicycle frame design shows the new method of 3D printing metal and future development potential. rely on today's advanced network propaganda way, in recent years, 3D printing technology can be described as a big reputation. 3D print bike may not be so fresh, because it has been reported that a variety of 3D printing bicycles, plastic, metal. But for the print medium to large objects, at the technical level still has some limitations, "Melbourne RMIT University, majoring in industrial design students Harry. Harry Anderson explained." we hope through this project, the 3D printing technology in type to large metal objects to be more perfect. " student team got help from MX3D company. MX3D is the company that is using 3D technology to print steel walking bridge on Amsterdam ship canal. MX3D company and the combination of arc welding technology developed a 3D Mataerial printer can print metal. The technology is mainly through the arc generated by the high temperature melting metal, molten metal drop to the designated position to create a 3D object. The technique also uses the robot arm to control the molten metal droplet deposition position, forming a variety of complex structures, and no need to support the material can generate a considerable structure. After the completion of the 3D print bicycle is production team named for electric bicycle (ArcBicycle.), and the weight of its traditional steel frame bicycles almost, totally have ability to ride on bumpy cobbled streets. As a pioneer in the use of 3D printing and welding technology, the weight of the 3D printing bicycle is about the same as that of ordinary steel bikes. The bicycle frame is actually divided into several main parts to be printed separately, and then welded together with artificial. Students hope that the future will be able to continue to design 3D printing metal bike on the basis of this project. "for us, it is important to design a functional object that people can use in their daily lives."." From the Delft University of technology engineering industrial design professional production team member Stewart Fu De Groot (stef de Groot) said: "as a student in the Netherlands, we naturally think of the bicycle. Bicycle is a good tool to test the technology, because it involves complex force."& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] ZJET available running shoes, running shoes Reebok brand in the research and development of another innovation. Excellence, science and technology so that users can have better athletic performance or structure, will continue to be the brand of the same stick. sole cushioning technology inspired ZJET running shoes from the jet engine works, the use of dynamic air flow of action and reaction, through the air pressure and the release layer by layer, which allows the feet in during exercise can get superior cushioning protection; soles flexible groove design gives your feet can more freely bend in the running, stretching and experience freely Midon. In addition, science and technology in the upper, NANOWEB without sacrificing support and stability of the premise, greatly reducing the weight of the shoes (weighs only 300 grams), and has the same superior performance in terms of softness and breathability . Details of the office, HYPERSOFT material tongue and heel design, provide excellent parcel force, giving the foot and a central location full of solid support, plus one piece of technology allows wearing more comfortable fit, ZJet bring more smooth smooth run experience. ZJET available running shoes, running shoes Reebok brand in the research and development of another innovation. Excellence, science and technology so that users can have better athletic performance or structure, will continue to be the brand of the same stick. Meanwhile, Reebok hopes to continue to release high-quality products to help and encourage people to refuse to be complacent and continue to challenge themselves, to get a more complete, more active lives through exercise. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) & Nbsp;